NSC 24 Club Agreement

I am joining the NSC Club for a minimum 6 months, after this period it is my responsibility to notify you if I wish to cancel or shipments of my selected NSC IMMUNITION Product(s) will continue each month. Please process my order monthly on the date selected using the credit/debit card provided (sorry, no checks or money orders accepted) at 24% off retail pricing for the NSC IMMUNITION Product(s) selected as my Club selection(s), with zero shipping/handling fees (within the Continental US) on NSC Club orders* while I am a member of the NSC Club.

I understand additional orders of NSC IMMUNITION Products can be placed throughout the month at 24% off plus applicable shipping and handling (S/H). NSC Package or NSC Catalog Specials prior to expiration can be included in auto-ship purchases, but are not subject to additional discounts, do not receive free S/H and are subject to cancellation at any time by NSC. I may call 888-541-3997 toll-free to change the quantity or type of NSC IMMUNITION Product shipped each month. I understand I must have an order of a NSC IMMUNITION Product or Products processed each month on the selected date (or nearest business day) while I am a NSC Club member.

If I cancel before fulfilling the 6 month NSC Club Agreement, I will be ineligible to re-join the NSC Club at a later date except by approval of NSC.   A bottle of an NSC IMMUNITION Product selected by NSC will be forwarded FREE after completion of first 6 months, as a Club Member Bonus, subject to fulfillment of the minimum 6 month membership. If approved to re-join at a later date, ineligible to receive an additional free product.  Free product is only for first time club members upon completion of first 6 months in NSC Club.